HappyOrNot in Transportation

Maximise the travel experience to drive growth

Increase satisfaction across all business areas

Airports - Rail - Road - Logistics - Security - Concession Services - Lounges - Ticket Offices - Cleaning Facilities


To stay competitive in Transportation, you need to keep your current customers happy and attract new ones.


When you continuously measure customer satisfaction at each important operational point, you can react to any dissatisfaction by making immediate changes and developing your facilities long-term.

With HappyOrNot, you gain 24/7 access to that critical information, and you can then measure how successful your corrective actions are in the eyes of your customers.


Asking for feedback tells your customers that they are being listened to and appreciated.


All this means your customer satisfaction and revenue can soar!


Daily feedbacks


Happy Customers


Unhappy Customers

How your business benefits from continuous traveller satisfaction data

Identify which operational areas need improvements to better fit the needs of your customers.

Spot fluctuations and trends in customer satisfaction. Immediately deploy resources to remedy the problem, such as alerting maintenance or reallocating staff.

Share results internally to communicate best practices and achieve best results throughout your operational service points.

Increase satisfaction across all business areas

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HappyOrNot in Real Life (Case Studies)

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