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Quick View

Your performance at a glance

Quick View Feedback

Summarised in easy-to-understand widgets, it helps you focus on what's important - saving you time.

Lets you make data-driven decisions to improve your service faster and more efficiently

The Quick View widgets


Quick View period comparison.png

Drop-down arrows let you filter your feedback data to view exactly what you need.


  • Experience point/group: view specific branch device feedback individually or ALL devices together.

  • Survey Question: view your current or past surveys with associated feedback data

  • Time period: choose to view feedback from today; yesterday; this week; last week; this month; or last month

  • Comparison: compare feedback from this period with yesterday; last week; last month or last year to quickly see how your improvements are being received by your customers and employees.

Summary - Your performance at a Glance

HappyOrNot Quick View Summary
  • Uses your Happy Index to compare performance with previous periods.

  • Your Happy Index is a summed-up score calculated as the weighted average of the four smileys. It is shown in the reports as a blue line and indicates how good the results are: the higher the index value, the better your performance. 

  • Shows if your Happy Index has risen (or fallen) over the period and by how much

  • Shows the total number of feedbacks received and breaks them down into the 4 smiley faces by number of responses and percentage of total.

  • Bench marks your performance against the industry average (based on over 1 million data points every day)

  • Identifies your best & worst hours over the period in question

  • Identifies your best & worst days of the week as above

Top Follow Ups (Smiley Touch, Smiley Digital, Smiley Link)

Quick View Top Follow Ups .png
  • Shows what your customers/employees like (Highlights) and don't like (Pain Points) about your business.

  • Ranks all Follow Ups in order, making it easy for you to identify where changes are needed.

  • You choose the follow up icons to suit your business needs.

  • Compares performance with previous periods and whether the number has risen or fallen. In this example, 301 customers were unhappy with the Wait Time, up on the previous period by 23. Easily addressed by opening more tills or adding customer-facing staff.

  • Latest Open Feedback comments and which device they came from

  • Total number of Open Feedback comments in the period so far.


  • Easy to read chart showing your feedback grouped in daily columns for the period in question.

  • Format shows how your Very Happy feedbacks (dark green) are compared to your Happy (light green), Unhappy (pink) and Very Unhappy (red) feedbacks.

  • The blue line represents the changes in your daily Happy Index, the higher the better

  • The grey line is the previous period's Happy Index for comparison.

Ranking Comparison

Quick View Ranking.png
  • Shows which of your branches are performing well and which not so well.

  • Ranks your branch performance using the Happy Index

  • Shows which branches have improved and by how much over the period.

  • Likewise which branches have worsen over the period and by how much

  • Great for identifying the top performers and sharing best-practice throughout your branch network.

  • Great for setting branch Happy Index targets and rewarding the right teams.

Hourly Pattern

Hourly heat map
  • Builds a useful hourly heat map over time.

  • Identifies hot spots during the working day.

  • Shows when your customers and employees are happiest in the day.

  • Easy to cross-check against tills receipts to see if happy customers = increased sales.

Weekly Pattern

Quick View Weekly Pattern.png
  • Builds a useful weekly heat map over time.

  • Identifies problem days in the working week.

  • Identifies which are the happiest and worse days for your customers and employees.

  • Identifies which days of the week you should consider making improvements to by adding new store promotions or buying in cake for your colleagues!

When you want to drill-down deeper, go to the ANALYTICS screen in the Reporting Service.

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