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HappyOrNot with workplace well being

How are your people feeling in the new normal? Why are they feeling that way? What can you do about it?

In physical spaces, use the Smiley Touch to find out 

In the physical workplace, the Smiley Touch is the best way to monitor staff well-being.

Place it anywhere (reception, cafeteria, meeting rooms etc) and in 3 simple steps, your colleagues will tell you how they are feeling and what you can do to improve the workplace.

It's quick, anonymous and effective. and will give you immediate business insights that you can do something about.


Use Smiley Digital in employee email surveys to find out

Smiley Digital Email is the perfect choice for employee surveys via email.

Run as many surveys as you want, changing the Survey Question and Follow Ups to suit.


Easily embed your survey in your emails with a quick copy & paste to find out:

1. how your colleagues are feeling

2. why they are feeling that way

3. what you can do to help.

Smiley Digital EX email

Employee Experience (EX)
The 3-screen workflow for both Smiley Touch & Smiley Digital.

The first screen. Ask your survey question


The Survey Question is displayed on the first screen, for example: How was your workday today?


You choose your own survey questions and can change your question in the software in minutes, as often as you want.


Some more survey question examples:

  • How are you feeling today?

  • Please rate the meeting

  • How safe do you feel at work?

 The second screen. Find out WHY using Follow Ups

Second screen Follow Ups allow you to use 6 icons to identify WHY they pressed that smiley face.

You'll want to know why someone gave you negative feedback (pink or red smiley face). We call these "Pain Points".

Likewise, positive feedback (dark & light green smiley face) is called "Highlights".


Using your knowledge of your own business, you can choose up to 6 FOLLOW UP icons to identify why.

Follow Up examples include: workload; deadlines; training; home work-space; feeling isolated,  personal issues etc.


We have a library of Follow Ups you can choose from or you can create your own custom Follow Ups.


Follow ups can be changed in the software at any time to suit the survey question OR to drill down deeper into a subject.

Smiley Touch Follow Ups

Touch 2nd screen

Smiley Digital Email  Follow Ups

SDig email positive follow ups 01.png
SDig email negative follow ups 01.png

 The third screen. Drill down deeper using Open Feedback

Smiley Touch open feedback


Smiley Digital Email open feedback


The third screen offers an opportunity for open feedback by way of the virtual keyboard.


Your colleagues can type in their own feedback to cover any parts you may have missed. They can give you more detail on how they are feeling and why they pressed a particular smiley button.


A spam filter is available to hide unwanted comments from your reports.

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