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How you can monetize retail CX insights


of customers find CX more important than price


more likely to make an additional purchase


revenue growth for CX leaders vs. CX laggards

Do you know if you're delivering a great customer experience (CX)?

The retail landscape and customer expectations are constantly changing. The HappyOrNot service gives you real-time CX visibility across all customer touch-points in your stores so you know exactly how well you perform and where to make immediate improvements.


High-volume data


500,000 feedback responses collected and reported daily


Trusted CX solution


Used by 1,000 retail industry leaders, worldwide


Proven results


Customer dissatisfaction decreases 19% in just 12 months

We help you achieve your key CX metrics

Our service delivers you structured, easy-to-understand retail CX data that will help you connect your ongoing service performance to actionable insights.

1. Measure customer satisfaction at all in-store customer touch-points

2. Identify pain-points.

3. Make immediate changes to improve

4. Test your improvement initiatives in real-time to verify the actions are working.

Leverage data into actionable insights

The reason most retail data analytics solutions fail is because they’re too complex.

Companies only analyse 10% of the data they collect.

39% say they have too much data and not enough analysis

13% say they have the data but their tools can’t make sense of it.

With our simple reporting Interface, the HappyOrNot solution eliminates this confusion.

Our actionable insights let you make improvements immediately. Continuously measuring the effect on the business in real-time and fine-tuning until you reach your CX goals.

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Track your performance via real-time trending data. The blue Happy Index line pinpoints the exact time and place of CX decline so that you can investigate causes in order to take action immediately.

Real-time CX tracking

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Get full performance visibility for each location you manage. Drill-down to identify trends and best-practice for each location. This helps you test and verify actions taken to improve any low performers.

Location-based comparisons

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See the status of your key performance results at a glance. We summarise all of your important details so you can focus on the red flags.

CX performance snapshot

Many ways to integrate and display your results 24/7


Mobile App

On-the-go data analytics at your fingertips 24/7.


Social Sharing

Post your results on your website and social channels


API integration

Integrate the result data to your company’s own dashboard


Automated reports

Summarised results delivered via email to your users


How much can you grow?

Find out how much you can increase your retail sales by leveraging customer experience data! The calculator is designed for portrait usage on mobile or desktop.

Want to boost your revenue with real-time CX insights?

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Customer Case Studies

45 million customer responses from 18-20% of the total footfall


“Today, it’s not only important for us to measure the sales we have in the stores, but it’s also very important to measure how the customers feel about us.”

 Morten Schwartzmann, Nordic Productivity Manager

Hourly CX data uncovers the most obvious things that need to be corrected

What we received from the HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals is that we’re now able to collect meaningful, significant customer responses that we can take action on.”

 Rhett Majoria, Majoria Drugs co-owner and Chief Pharmacist


Easiness and low commitment enables valuable information from customers without disruption

“HappyOrNot really suits our customer base. There’s a lot of digital solutions out there at the moment, but at the current way that people shop with us and the current way they want feedback, this works for us really well.”

Julie Tyler, Customer Experience Manager