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HappyOrNot in FM

Ask your customers how you can provide an unforgettable facilities service.

In the facilities & property services sector, experience is your product.


The value created through top-notch service and positive overall experience differentiates your business from competitors, growing your profits and driving growth through success.

Measuring CX and EX satisfaction across all areas of your business gives valuable insights into your performance. It helps you make strategic decisions to improve and measure targets correctly.

Increased customer satisfaction results in:

  • Customer loyalty - satisfied customers visit again instead of searching for another service provider.

  • Increased referral rates - a satisfied customer tells three people about the experience.

  • Stronger competitive advantage - stand out from other service providers to win over customers.

Measure satisfaction at each point of experience


Reception Areas

Find out how well your reception services help customers resolve their challenges around your buildings.



Keep track of your customers’ happiness with the hygiene of your facilities. Our Smiley Walls are perfect for this


Employee Well-being

Gauge how employees and customers are feeling and target support services where they are needed the most.


Meeting Rooms

Ask how your customers like the a/v equipment, the booking system, the cleanliness, the atmosphere



Identify the customers' perception of your food quality, selection and healthiness 



Measure the friendliness and efficiency of security staff

You can also measure other areas:
Service availability | Waiting time | Cleanliness of the premises | Atmosphere | Help Desk & Online services

Happy Employees make Happy Customers

We all recognise that happy employees are better for our business.

For up to date information (5 minute read), check out the HappyOrNot blog (opens in a new window).

Transform your facilities experience with actionable business insights

Provide better services

Measure the satisfaction on the range and quality of the services you are providing.

The HappyOrNot daily result reports eliminate research delays so you can make quick improvements where needed most.

Give customers a voice

Your customers & employees are extremely busy, but their feedback is imperative to measure the level of services provided.

HappyOrNot Smileys are fast, easy and anonymous.

A perfect tool for busy people

Run Services More Efficiently

Continuous customer feedback from each operational touch-point gives you visibility into fluctuations.

It highlights pain-points showing you where to streamline processes, allocate resources and target improvement initiatives.

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