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Smiley Digital Rental

Feedback Layer 1
Survey question
Smiley Digital survey.png
Feedback Layer 2
Follow Up questions
Smiley Digital Follow Ups.png
Feedback Layer 3
Open feedback

Smiley Digital is a simple-to-use online feedback tool providing a seamless way to track and improve the customer experience in your email, website, messaging & your in-location touchpoints.

Smiley Digital crop.png

Using the Smiley Digital, customers leave 3 layers of feedback:

1) clicking one of 4 Smiley faces to respond to the main survey question (for example, “How was your check-out process?”)

2) a series of follow-up options based on the green or red Smileys selected - for example, a) payment options, b) cart, etc.)

3) open text feedback.  

What's included in the rental package
QR code example crop.jpg
  • A single licence for Smiley Digital giving you 4 modes to use during your rental period.

  • Professional subscription (Real-time alerts, collect User contact info & more).

  • Full access to The Reporting Service to view, analyse and export your feedback results.

  • Easy set-up by us for Email & Solo. Script for Embed and PopUp emailed to you.

  • Unlimited surveys.

  • Unlimited feedbacks.

  • Unlimited Reporting Service users.

  • Redirect to a webpage of your choice after the survey has been completed.

Smiley Digital portfolio - which one suits you?

Smiley Digital_Portfolio.png

You can use any of the 4 modes during your rental, swapping to suit your project.

We'll set it all up for you but your web designer will need to be involved for Embed & Pop Up.


Easy set up

Put it anywhere in your email message

or add it to your email signature.

Unlimited emails

Unlimited surveys

Perfect for:

Customer surveys

Student surveys

Service desks

Employee surveys

SDig email 02.png


Easy set up

Safe & easy micro-feedback channel for both physical and digital touchpoints.

Use a QR code or short URL to direct people to your unique webpage to you their feedback using their mobile phones, tablets or browser.

Safe and quick.

QR code example crop.jpg
Solo 1.png

Get maximum feedback from a single device using posters as a simple Call-to-Action


Add the QR code to your till rolls, menus, tables or on posters around your buildings.


Flexible placement within web pages and mobile apps at any stage of the customer journey.

Your web designer will need to set up using our code.


A popular use is to embed a Smiley Digital as part of their online checkout process, gathering valuable feedback from customers and using the Follow Up & Open Feedback responses to improve their service.



Single use appearance during the customer journey.

Your web designer will need to set up using our code.

Immediate feedback with significant response rates.


Perfect for checkout pages or a "thank you for visiting".

Pop Up

How to rent a Smiley Digital


Rolling monthly contract.

Cancel anytime

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