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Smiley Terminal Rental

Flexible rental options to suit your business

Smiley Terminal Table is the fun, fast, and friendly desktop feedback device that lets you know if your customers are happy or not in seconds.

Engaging and easy-to-use feedback with a simple press of a Smiley face button.

Rent Me image.png

Our Smiley feedback buttons are intuitive and quick to tap as you walk by.

Capture the maximum amount of feedback from visitors and passers-by at busy sites.

ST Table Pharmacy.jpg

Runs on batteries (supplied)

Completely wireless

Light & highly portable.

Place it anywhere indoors to suit

We set up your surveys for you

No Set Up - it's ready to use right out of the box

Rent Me image.png
What's included in the rental package

1 x Smiley Terminal Table Model

Essentials subscription

Full access to the Reporting Service to view, analyse and export your feedback results

Free UK delivery​

Unlimited surveys

Unlimited feedbacks & Unlimited Users

Smiley Terminal Table Tech Data

Smiley Terminal Table Tech Sheet.png

How to rent a Smiley Terminal Table


Rolling monthly contract.

Cancel anytime

Transport fees & deposit also apply

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