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The Reporting Service

Business insights you can do something about

Our cloud-based REPORTING SERVICE helps you easily track and manage your performance, translating your feedback into clear and actionable analytics.

Intuitive widgets help you identify your business highlights & pain-points.


Even better, your customers and employees tell you what's making them unhappy, letting you make data-driven improvement decisions 

Access your feedback data on the Reporting Service whenever you like, 24/7 via the web or the App (iOS/Android)

QUICK VIEW – your performance at a glance

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QV on tablet 1000w

Quick View gives you an instant overview of your key performance targets all summarised in easy-to-read widgets.

It helps you focus on what's important, and saves you time.

  • Full region and unit level benchmarking controls.

  • Use the Happy Index or NPS as your Key Performance Indicator.

  • Real-time performance benchmarking against previous periods and with hourly patterns.

  • Ranking - easily compare branch/location  performance in a league table format.

  • Auto-refreshing views for back-office monitoring.

ANALYTICS – digging deeper into your results

Analytics 750w.jpg
Analytics Pain Points closer.png
Analytics Comparison.png

Analytics shows your feedback results in interactive charts helping you to research long-term trends and pinpoint exact times and places of service decline.

The drill-down functionality and data exporting gives you full control to analyse your past and current performance results, so you can make more informed decisions for the future success of your business.

Performance Reports

Period reports automatically sent to you and your teams

  • The easiest way to share your HappyOrNot results within the organisation.

  • Local and regional level reports

  • Daily and weekly reports are great tools for improving performance across units.

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