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HappyOrNot in Education

Boost student well-being and campus business

An educational institution (prep, primary, secondary, public, private, college, uni) has a duty to look after its students with their well-being a priority.


Students spend a significant portion of their lives at school/on campus. With the wide range of well-being and commercial services needed, educational institutions need to ensure overall campus experience goes beyond meeting needs and actually exceeds students' expectations.

HappyOrNot Smileys are perfect for collecting anonymous, high-volume feedback for student services in all areas of education. They can be used to gather feedback from the customers of on-campus businesses and gauge the happiness of students in all areas of service.

The feedback data provides vital information for both university staff and management, from supporting better decision making for new initiatives, to the overall student experience and diligent operation of on-campus businesses.

Measure satisfaction at each point of experience


Student Services

Find out how well your student services help students resolve their challenges and make fast changes to improve the service.


Accommodation & Facilities

Keep track of cleanliness and discover repair needs early with instant feedback from residents.


Student Well-being

Gauge how students are feeling and target support services where they are needed the most.


Cafes & Restaurants

Ask how your students feel about the atmosphere, the menu selection, waiting times or level of service.


On-campus Retail

Monitor the satisfaction with merchandise or materials selection and the service they recieved from the staff.

Transform your campus experience with real-time satisfaction data

Provide Better Services

Measure the satisfaction on the range and quality of the services you are providing.


HappyOrNot daily reports eliminate research delays so you can make fast improvements where they are most needed.

Give Students a Voice

Students are busy, but their feedback is essential to measure the level of services provided.


HappyOrNot Smileys are fast, easy and anonymous. A perfect tool for busy students!

Run More Efficiently

Most of a student’s life happens on campus and so the opportunity for spending is high.

With happy students and efficient management, on-campus businesses should be booming.

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