Smiley Touch™

Find out WHY they pressed that button.

The stylish tablet-style touch-screen feedback collecting Smileys are the easiest and most effective way to discover why your customer pressed a smiley button.

A Follow up selection help you pin-point what elements of your service are causing issues, so you can make immediate improvements.


Users can then add Open Feedback via the Third Screen virtual keyboard to give you more information.


Ready to use in minutes
Quick to assemble and activates upon plug-in


3-tier insights (see the work flow image)
First Screen: The Survey Question

Ask anything you like. The question can be changed in minutes in the software.


Second Screen - WHY?

Icons make it quick & easy to identify both "Highlights" (from positive feedback) and "Pain Points" (from negative feedback) in a simple click. You choose the icons that suit your business from our library or we can make them for you.

You can also choose to have different follow up icons for positive feedback than you have for negative feedback.


Third Screen - Open Feedback

Users type in their open feedback using the virtual keyboard to further help you identify what has made them happy or upset them about the service they received.


Engaging user experience

Sleek, seamless interface guides the user through the feedback experience smoothly and effortlessly.

Branding Pack (Optional Extra)


Fit the Smiley Touch to your brand with our branding packs:


Standard: branded leg plate + question sheet per your company logo


Custom: own design leg plate + question sheet

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