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The Smiley Touch™

The perfect tool to listen to your customers and staff.

Find out what's making them unhappy and what you can do to put it right

Smiley Touch feedback kiosk

Our 3-Screen User Experience quickly identifies what's going wrong


1st Screen: Survey Question

Ask anything you like & change it as often as you like. 

2nd Screen - Follow Up icons

"What was good?"

"What could be improved?"

Use up to 6 icons to quickly identify any service Highlights or Pain Points - all in a simple click by your customer.

These "Thank You "screens are optional . You can choose to show what others are  currently telling you OR not.

3rd screen - Open Feedback

Get even more business insights from your customers and employees in the Open Feedback screen.

The Smiley Touch Range

Stand Model

Our best seller comes with our without a Call-to-Action "Feedback" sign


Table Model

Brilliant for portable surveys when you'll want to move the feedback device around. Works great as a portable survey device. Ideal for training courses, seminars, classrooms

TCH TABLE in use small.jpg
Couple using touch table.jpeg

Wall Model

Ideal for smaller areas. Sticks to the wall using attached adhesive strips and/or screws.


Touch-free feedback using Gestures for the Smiley Touch

The gesture-based feedback option will provide Smiley Touch users with even more choice in how they can give feedback.

Users can now give feedback by using simple hand gestures assigned to each of the four Smileys.

Additionally, the Follow-Up options are also gesture capable, meaning you do not lose out on collecting valuable customer insights to identify Pain Points & Highlights, make targeted improvements, and validate efforts through the data.

Smiley-Touch-gestures 1.jpeg

See it in action for yourself in the video on the HappyOrNot YouTube channel

Branding Pack (Optional Extra)


Blend the Smiley Touch to your own with our branding packs:


Standard: HappyOrNot branding on the leg plate & green call-to-action Feedback sign (No charge for this branding)


Logo: Your logo branded on the leg plate + call-to-action Feedback sign in your choice of colour


Custom: Your custom design on the leg plate + call-to-action Feedback sign

Contact us, ask for a quote or book a free online demo

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