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HappyOrNot in Home Electronics

Did you know, that happy customers buy more?

In Home & Electronics retail, customers visit your store to buy something you stock. With their buying & competitor options now greater than ever, you need to make sure that when they do visit your store, you give them a great experience.

Ensuring they enjoy a great customer experience will increase the chances of them not only buying what they came in for but also for buying more. Studies show that happy customers are 4.5 times more likely to make an impulse purchase.


A brilliant customer service experience from the moment they arrive in your store, to the moment they leave is the key to increased sales.

With our simple but effective solution, you can measure that happiness throughout the customer journey.

Measure satisfaction at each point of experience



Identify if your customers can easily find what they need


Checkouts & Exits

Gauge the overall customer experience with their visit to your store


Employee Area

Measure your staff's workday satisfaction


Online Store

Discover if your online shoppers find your web shop easy to use

Measure other areas such as:

Service Desk | After Sales | Click & Collect Point | Store layout | and more!

Want to learn how to enhance your business by investing in Customer Experience?
Transform your service experience with Real-Time customer & staff satisfaction data

Identify Pain Points

Having instant access to the highs and lows of customer satisfaction helps you target and eliminate causes fast.

Measure and see how effective your improvement initiatives have been with immediate customer feedback on the changes.

Measure Your Improvement Actions

Motivate Your Staff

The satisfaction data helps your employees be more aware of their interaction with customers, motivating them to provide even better service.

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