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Sharing your results

Show people you're listening to them

Share your success with your team, your customers and on your social media platforms quickly and easily with reports directly from the Reporting Service.


3 ways to share:

  • Results poster

  • Management Report in PDF, PowerPoint, Excel or as individual images  

  • Live sharing link to display your results online or via screens (Professional service pack only) 

Results Poster

Customer Interaction Report-page-001.jpg

Brilliant for:

  • Social media including LinkedIn.

  • Displaying as a poster next to your devices as proof that your customers & employees are being listened to. 

  • On your web site and extranet

  • In marketing emails to your customers & employees.

Management Reports


Brilliant for:

  • Sharing with your teams during meetings and updates.

  • Area level reporting showing comparisons between locations. Ideal for using Best Practice to improve performance in lower-ranking locations. 

  • Keeping upper management informed of progress.

Live Sharing link

Live sharing.png

Brilliant for:

Demonstrating to your customers and employees that their feedback is valuable by showing your up-to-the-minute performance results.


Live Sharing is an easy way for you to display your results on screens or websites and contributes to enhancing their experience with your brand.

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