Smiley Digital feedback

Smiley Digital™

Omnichannel micro-feedback for all digital touchpoints


Where to use Smiley Digital




Customer service systems


Online shops

High response rates and actionable insights with fully anonymous feedback

  • Ready for use in minutes & easy to deploy

  • For virtually all digital and in-person touchpoints

  • Easy, safe and fast way for people to share feedback

  • Gain in-depth insights to improve your performance


At a glance, the 3-screen user experience

Smiley Digital survey.png

Screen 1. Your survey question

Ask anything and change it as often as you want.

examples: Please rate our service, How was your workday? Please rate your checkout experience, etc.

Smiley Digital Follow Ups.png

Screen 2. Follow Ups

Follow Ups are further icons  used to identify experience "highlights" and "pain points". They tell you what's making your users unhappy and allow you to make improvements. You can use between 2 and 6 follow ups.

Some follow up examples for customers: speed of site, product stock, delivery options, payment option

For HR: remote working, feeling isolated,  workload.


Screen 3 Open Feedback

Your customers & employees give you more detailed open feedback via the virtual keyboard.

Perfect for adding more detail on your Follow Ups or for highlighting other pain points.

Key Features

The familiar and iconic Smileys at your service
Improve the engagement with a non-intrusive and friendly user experience. It’s a common solution giving you insights for both your digital and physical touchpoints.

Uncover the ‘why’ behind good or bad experiences
Gain deeper insights into your service performance for instant and continuous improvement with follow-up questions and open comments.

Fast deployment and easy to use: No IT support needed
Pop-up or Embed surveys are placed seamlessly on your web page with simple scripts, while Solo is a fully digital, out-of-the box, solution. Updates are automatic and free, including fast and friendly support when needed.​

Key Tools

Web & Email Reports
Role, Location, and time-based result summaries sent to your email.

Interaction Reports
1-page printable summary report for sharing your results internally and in location.


Social Sharing
Click-to-share summary image for sharing your results online.

Real-time Collaboration
Offers instant awareness of service decline via automated app and email notifications. Collaborate and comment on alerts as issues are being resolved.

Product options to fit your business needs

Embed your survey anywhere in your email message including within your email signature.

Recipient selects one of the four Smileys directly from the email.
They are re-directed to a web page where they answer the Follow-Up question

Lastly they leave additional comments in the Open Feedback screen.

1. Smiley Digital - Email

Perfect for:

Employee surveys

Customer surveys

Student surveys

Service desks

2. Smiley Digital - Embed

Flexible placement on web pages and mobile apps at any stage of the customer journey

3. Smiley Digital - Pop Up

Single use appearance at the end of the customer journey for example during checkout or "Thank You for visiting". Statistically significant response rates

4. Smiley Digital - Solo

Safe & easy to use micro-feedback channel for both physical and digital touchpoints.

Short URLs and/or QR codes direct users to feedback site.

Solo QR code example 01.png

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