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HappyOrNot in Healthcare

Awareness of your patients’ perceptions is the key to success

Just like consumers, patients are now more connected and have plenty of information to make informed decisions before choosing a healthcare provider.


To compete effectively for patient loyalty, healthcare providers need to invest in Quality Of Care control systems, monitor the service performance and meet patients’ expectations.

With revenues at stake, healthcare leaders must recognise the priority to invest in strategies that measure and improve the patient experience.

Why measuring satisfaction is crucial to improving your healthcare services:

  • Retain your current patients

  • Win new patients

  • Attract the best professionals to your business

  • Service renewals and incentives



Daily feedbacks



Happy Customers



Unhappy Customers

How HappyOrNot helps improve your healthcare organisation


Target corrective measures to meet your patients’ perceptions

With an easy-to-use survey tool positioned at the points of care, you can capture your patient’s perception of your service in real time.


Increasing the value of the responses and making it easy to target improvements.


Optimise the allocation of staffing resources

HappyOrNot captures fluctuations in patient satisfaction at each measurement touch point, allowing you to place staff where they’re most needed.


Employees can then concentrate on their tasks to offer the best possible service.


Validate quality of care

The patients' feedback is your quality-assurance reporting tool (KPI), where the success of your improvement initiatives can be seen through the increase in satisfaction levels.

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