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HappyOrNot in Human Resources

HR Professionals

With just a few people running the HR department, you rarely have the resources to monitor the pulse of your employees all the time.


HappyOrNot can become an extension to your HR department, becoming that first level communication tool helping you find out how your employees are doing and feeling.


Want to create a great workplace? Ask your employees...

... do you have talent pouring in faster than you can hire, or struggle to keep your current employees? No matter where in the scale you fit, companies that are better equipped for driving growth and revenue are those with happy and engaged employees.

The first step towards being a great place to work is to embrace the fact that employee engagement and loyalty cannot be forced. It must be earned, and the best way to do that is by committing to making your company an engagement-worthy workplace every single day. And to find out how, you need to give your employees the opportunity to give you feedback and tell you how!


How your business benefits from measuring and improving employee satisfaction:

Increase profit by improving productivity

Satisfied and engaged employees are more productive at work, which means more profit for your company.

Reduce employee turnover and absences to save costs

Retain your employees by providing them with the ability to easily express their opinion. That way, you can address their needs while making them feel appreciated.

Improve service performance to increase revenue

When your employees are happy and engaged, it radiates into their attitude and motivation towards providing great service (and happier customers buy more and remain loyal).

Provide an excellent image to attract the best talent

When your company is seen as a great place to work, word gets around. It boosts your employer image and attracts talent, meaning less investment in recruiting costs.

Happy Employees make Happy Customers

We all recognise that happy employees are better for our business.

How to enhance your business by investing in Employee Satisfaction?

With HappyOrNot, you can:

Get more feedback

Feedback is totally anonymous.

Knowing that, your colleagues will give you their honest opinion without fear, so you'll get higher response rates and better quality feedback.

Keep tabs on well-being

By analysing regular employee feedback, you'll soon get a feel for how your colleagues are feeling right now, rather than relying on an annual Employee Survey snapshot.

For more information, visit our Workplace well-being page.

Address issues before they escalate

Capturing the sentiment in real time gives you a massive opportunity to put things right before they get out of hand.

Pave the way for continuous improvement

Feedback trends in colleague satisfaction will tell you if your workplace improvements are working.

If they are you can introduce them to other departments and units.

Create a culture of open communication

Share your feedback results with colleagues to show them you're listening to them and to encourage even more high quality feedback from them with every survey

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