Feedback Devices

Which Smiley Devices are right for me?

To maximise feedback, cover all customer touchpoints, in all locations.

In a supermarket (retail) environment for example, customer touchpoints would include:

  • Fresh produce (is the produce fresh and up top standard? Are the display units fully stocked?)

  • Meat & butchery (keep track of what your customers think of your selection and wait times)

  • Deli & bakery (identify peak times and align your product selection with customers' preferences)

  • Seasonal selection (prevent products from running low on stock and get feedback from the selection on display).

  • Customer service desks (please rate our help today, did we solve your problem today etc.).

  • Tills & self-service checkouts (monitor & reduce queue times and get information to support staff planning and breaks.


To cover the whole physical journey you should also include devices at the exit doors, the cafe and the washrooms. How about your employees? You can use your devices to ask them surveys too.

To cover your customers' online journey through your web shop, add a range of Smiley Digital panels at the digital touchpoints. You could ask your customers:

  • Did you find everything you were looking for?

  • How easy was it to find what you were looking for?

  • How was the checkout experience?

  • How does our pricing compare?

  • How was your delivery? (via email afterwards)

  • Please rate our website

The Smiley Range

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Digital devices

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