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Smiley Link

Touchless feedback via mobile phones & email

Go Touchless

An easy way for customers to give feedback via email or their mobile phones.


Have a look at this short video file to see how it works.


Better together

Combine Smiley Link with your Smiley Touch and Smiley Terminal physical devices to get even more real-time insights

Gives your Smiley Terminal the same features as a Smiley Touch, so you can find out WHY people are unhappy.

Link small 800.png

Introduce additional channels

Add the Smiley Link QR code and URL to your emails, electronic invoices, delivery notes, SMS, WhatsApp and other messages to capture maximum volume of feedback.

SDig QR code cropped.png

and it's Free!

Smiley Link comes free as part of your annual subscription no matter which service pack you choose.

Contact us, ask for a quote or book a free online demo

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