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HappyOrNot in Food & Beverage

Create a dining experience your customers crave

Your restaurant is more than the food you serve. Customers also come to you for convenience, comfort, socialising and entertainment.


Making their experience enjoyable and memorable will keep them coming back.

With the help of customer satisfaction data, you can gauge how your customers really feel about your menu, your service and your facilities. Instant feedback allows you to keep the service levels high at all times and address issues immediately.

You can also help your staff's confidence with high volumes of positive customer feedback, boosting motivation and helping improve their work.


Help your staff to shine!

Measure satisfaction at each point of experience



Is your restaurant/venue warm, comfortable and inviting?

Do your customers feel welcome?



Track your customers’ happiness with the hygiene of your facilities.

Our Smiley Walls are perfect for this


Service Levels

Find out how well your customers feel they are being served.


Meal Quality

Track your customer satisfaction levels with the quality of the food, wine and drinks on offer



Measure your customers' satisfaction of the overall experience.

Transform your hospitality experience with real-time satisfaction data

Choose the best suppliers

Monitor how the quality of your food varies depending on the supplier or producer of the raw materials.

Spot and fix service issues

Real time alerts allow you to spot fluctuations immediately. For example, you can address issues concerning wait time, food availability or washroom cleanliness.

Adjust your menu

See which meal choices get the lowest or highest satisfaction rates and adjust the menu accordingly. The continuous survey process allows you to monitor which adjustments prove the most successful.

Motivate your employees

Feedback results show your staff how their friendliness and attitude affects customer satisfaction, encouraging them to provide a better service.

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