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HappyOrNot in Pharmacies

Customer feedback motivates your sales staff to perform better

Studies show that the overall customer experience in pharmacies is particularly high compared to other types of retail stores. Do you know how your pharmacy compares to others?

In pharmacies, the role of the sales assistant is often central to the customer experience, and why measuring satisfaction with the performance is important. HappyOrNot provides simple customer satisfaction result reports that allow you to monitor satisfaction trends, both in an individual stores and across multiple locations.

High volumes of customer feedback allow your staff to assess their performance. Putting in extra effort will be reflected in the feedback, with their improved success being made visible to their managers.

Want to improve your CX and find out what the secret of happier customers is?


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Measure satisfaction at each point of experience


Prescription counter

Follow the customer satisfaction trends for pharmaceutical care anonymously


Healthcare & Beauty

Monitor how your customers feel about the service and sales assistance on the floor


Employee Area

Measure your staff's workday satisfaction



Gauge the overall customer experience with their visit to your store

Measure other areas such as:

Web Shop | Product Availability | Click & Collect Point | Store layout | Wait Times

Transform your service experience with Real-Time customer & staff satisfaction data

Keep customer experience high at all times

The HappyOrNot service measures the customer satisfaction level in your stores helping your staff take ownership of their service performance and motivate them to do even better

Increase up-sells

Active feedback from happy customers boosts staff’s confidence to up-sell products that your customers need but would not otherwise think of buying

HappyOrNot is a powerful customer experience tool for use across your whole chain. Monitoring various locations allows managers to detect CX trends, and develop best practices

Improve across the whole chain

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