1 MILLION Smiley Feedbacks Every Day!

HappyOrNot receive over 1 Million feedbacks globally every day and have recorded over 1 Billion Smiley button presses since 2009.

You can rely on our data

Your ultimate feedback solution

Turning feedback into a measurable KPI has never been easier!

The globally recognised and trusted 4 Smileys capture the satisfaction levels of your customers and employees in just seconds.

Our feedback collecting Smileys and data analytics solution will help you improve your customer experience (CX); workplace happiness (EX) and your bottom line.

Your Smileys. Your choice.

The perfect solution to fit your needs


Quick & anonymous.

It collects maximum feedback in high-traffic ares


Discovers the root cause of dissatisfaction by asking "WHY?"


The ultimate "place anywhere" space-saver


Covers your online presence to measure user experience

Improving made Easy

Get the most for your business with the world’s leading Smiley feedback solution and easily transform feedback into ACTIONABLE BUSINESS INSIGHTS and then use these to make continuous improvements.

Uncover Pain Points

Improve experiences

Increase loyalty and referrals

Enhance brand reputation

Grow revenue

Our Smiley Devices and Reporting Service make capturing and analysing feedback easy, saving you time to focus on making successful improvements to your business.

Increase satisfaction across all business areas

Visit your business sector to learn about improving the customer and employee experience!

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