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Turning live feedback into usable business insights.

It's never been easier.

Safe Feedback in the New Normal 

People continue to give feedback in high volumes when given the opportunity

  • “Touchless” Feedback options

  • Antimicrobial Screen Protector

  • Antimicrobial Buttons

  • Hand Sanitiser Holder

The HappyOrNot® feedback solution.

Simple and Effective. For all businesses

Whoever you want feedback from the HappyOrNot® feedback solution is always the same.

1. MEASURE feedback using our smiley devices

2. MONITOR your results in the Reporting Service

3. IMPROVE the experience using live business insights to help your decision-making

4. Repeat

Customers, employees, students,

consumers, guests, website visitors...

Step I: Measure

Use our globally-recognised Smiley Devices to capture feedback from your customers, colleagues and users in seconds.

  • Smiley Touch - tells you WHY

  • Smiley Terminal - quick & easy feedback

  • Smiley Digital - our online & "touchless" solution

Step 2: Monitor

Using live data analytics, our Reporting Service translates your feedback to show how users are feeling about your service right now.


Customers, employees, students, consumers, guests etc.

What are their feelings? Very Happy - Happy - Unhappy - Very Unhappy?

 Identify when they felt that way.

Discover the experience points causing you problems.

what's making them Happy or Unhappy?

Step 3: Improve

Use your feedback results to make better (data-driven) decisions to improve your business.

Measure again to see how your improvements are being received.

Step 4: Repeat

Measure - Monitor - Improve - Repeat 

Continue to Measure - Monitor - Improve to improve USER EXPERIENCE and strengthen your bottom line.

Feedback results in store

Improving made Easy

Get the best for your business with the world’s leading feedback solution that automatically translates your feedback into usable business insights.

Uncover Pain Points

Improve experiences

Increase loyalty and referrals

Better brand and reputation management

Grow revenue

Your Smileys. Your choice.

The perfect range of feedback devices to suit your needs

TCH crop 350h.png

*Best Seller*

Tells you WHY people are unhappy and quickly shows you how to improve your business.

3 versions available

Smiley Terminal best feedback device

*The Original*


Quick, fun & anonymous.

Collect maximum feedback in high-traffic areas.

5 versions available

Smiley Digital

SWEB phone 01 350h.png

*Online Presence*

Connect with your online customers with instant, high-volume, and actionable feedback

3 versions available

Our range of Smiley Feedback devices coupled with 24/7 access to the Reporting Service make capturing and analysing user happiness simple, saving you time to focus on making business improvements. 

Creating happiness in every business, worldwide

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