Why 4 Smiley faces?

Middle button  =  Unreliable results

There's proven psychology behind giving the choice of 4 smiley face buttons rather than 3 or 5. 

Human Nature shows that people will take the easy option if there's one available.


As an example, when giving an online review for something and asked to score between 1 - 5, how often do we press the number 3 button? For the company asking for feedback, this tells them nothing of value.

For that reason, at HappyOrNot there will always be 4 smiley faces to choose from:

Positive Feedback

Smiley dark green 600
Dark Green = Very Happy
Smiley light green
Light Green = Happy

Negative Feedback

Smiley red
Red = Very Unhappy
smiley pink
Pink = Unhappy

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