Smiley Wall™

Precision placement

The Smiley Wall terminal is the ultimate “place anywhere, space saver”. Compact and completely wireless, its peel-and-stick functionality enables you to place it exactly where it's needed most.

No power or WIFI needed. The device runs off batteries and an internal SIM card.

Your Survey Question is printed on the faceplate (e.g "Please rate of washroom"), making it perfect for capturing feedback in any area while retaining critical floor space. The faceplate is changeable so you can have a series of Survey questions.


Double-sided, industrial-grade adhesive strips on the back lets you locate the device precisely where needed and easily relocate to a new position.


You can place it higher or lower on the wall, in accordance with your customers’ needs.

Intelligent Reporting

Live actionable business insights, always included.

Track your performance with intuitive and interactive data analytics, auto-updated every 15 minutes.


Use the Happy Index or NPS (Net Promoter Score) to track customer satisfaction against your target, pinpoint issues and uncover problems. These live business insights help you make informed decisions on where to improve your service. Once introduced, your improvements can then be measured to see how well they have worked.


Use our free API to integrate feedback into your company's systems.

Access your results 24/7 via our online dashboard OR free mobile App (iOS/Android). Automated reports are emailed to you every week.

Reporting Service video

Quick View: your status, at a glance

Quick View offers an overview of your key performance results summarised in simple and informative widgets.

It helps you focus on the most important information.

With over 1 BILLION feedbacks collected across the globe, you can rely on our industry bench-marking data.

The KEY FINDINGS widget tells you where your customer satisfaction results currently stand within your sector.

wall Key_Findings.jpg

Analytics - dig deeper into your data

The Analytics section of the Reporting Service automatically updates every 15 minutes. This allows you to research long term trends and pinpoint exact times and places of any service decline.

You get full control to analyse your past and current performance. Using the blue line Happy Index is a simple way of setting targets and bench-marking against your sector. Alternatively, NPS replaces the Happy Index at the click of a button.

These live business insights help you make informed decisions on what improvements should be introduced and where you should implement them.

Daily Distribution

Hourly distribution

A useful tool for identifying performance dips in the day. In the above example, performance dips after lunchtime easily identified by the falling blue line (The Happy Index). Could this be a change in workers, or stock not available?

Compare Location/Branch/Store Performance

Easily spot the leaders in your business and identify where improvements should be made to those areas below your targets. Share best practice between stores/branches to raise the Happy Index.

Hourly heat-map

Another useful tool for identifying  performance dips during the working day

Data Exports

 Social Sharing

You can share your results on social media using our handy social report whenever you want to.


For live updates, send your social reports directly to an LED screen in location so your customers can see that you really care about the service they receive.


Weekly & Monthly Reports via email

The Reporting Service will automatically email users weekly and monthly location-based PDF reports. These can be easily configured to suit you.


Reports when you want them

You can export any report you need directly from the Reporting Service. Want to see what your customers thought of your service last Tuesday between 4 and 5pm? You can do it. Want to see how Branch 3 performed in March last year? You can do that too.

Included Features

Web & Email Reports (FREE)

Role, location and time-based result summaries sent to your and your colleagues' email every week and every month.

Based on your preferences, reports can be customised. For example a store manager would want to see their results. The area manager would want to see their area's results. The boss would want to see all results, but probably only weekly.

weekly report.jpeg
Monthly report.jpeg

Customer Interaction Reports (FREE)

A one page printable summary report for sharing your results internally and in location.

Export from the Reporting Service at any time in PDF format

Misuse Protection (FREE)

A built-in setting that filters out excessive button presses by naughty children and mischievous employees.


The acceptable delay between button presses can be configured in the software and ensures you maintain data accuracy.


HappyOrNot API (FREE)

Integrate your HappyOrNot results into your company’s own dashboard.

Social Sharing (FREE)

Share your results on your favourite social media platforms with our easy to use Customer Interaction report.


Real Time Alerts (Optional Extra)

A feature offering instant awareness of service decline via an automated email notification.The alert triggers can be set to suit your targets.


For example:

  1. The % of negative feedback (red & pink smileys) in a given time-period.

  2. The HappyIndex dropping below your target setting.

  3. The number of red smiley presses received in a given time period.

Real time alerts_edited.jpg

Need help?

Visit the HappyOrNot handbook

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