Safe feedback in the new normal

Concerns & Solutions

People won't touch the feedback devices for fear of catching covid

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Reality: "People continue to give feedback in high volumes when given the opportunity"


  • Touch-free feedback via Smiley Link for Smiley Terminals and Smiley Touch devices.

  • Touch-free feedback via Gestures for the Smiley Touch

  • Antimicrobial button protection for the Smiley Terminal

  • Antimicrobial screen protector for the Smiley Touch

  • Hand sanitiser holder for both the Smiley Terminal and Smiley Touch

  • Regular cleaning of the devices

  • Visible communication Posters promoting safe feedback

"Touch-free" feedback via mobile phones - Smiley Link

Smiley Link is a brilliant solution that lets customers give feedback using their mobile phones.


For every survey you run, we can give you a Smiley Link consisting of a QR code and/or a short URL.


Scanning the QR code or entering the short url directs your customers to your unique Smiley Link webpage showing your survey question and the famous 4 smiley faces on the first screen.

The second screen is your Follow Ups, used to identify why they are happy or unhappy and giving you clear insights into what you need to change.

The third screen allows Open Feedback to further detail what is upsetting your customers/employees.

Touchless consumer feedback

Smiley Link is linked to a physical device (Smiley Touch or Smiley Terminal) and is not sold as a stand-alone solution.


If you are looking for a stand-alone solution, then Smiley Digital is the place for you.

"Touch-free" feedback using Gestures for the Smiley Touch

The gesture-based feedback option will provide Smiley Touch users with even more choice in how they can give feedback.

Users can now give feedback by using simple hand gestures assigned to each of the four Smileys.

Additionally, the Follow-Up options are also gesture capable, meaning you do not lose out on collecting valuable customer insights to identify Pain Points & Highlights, make targeted improvements, and validate efforts through the data.

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See it in action for yourself in the YouTube video

Quality assurance via customer trials (March 2021)
To meet our quality standards, we are trialling this latest gesture-based touch-free feature with key clients.

It is currently offered on an opt-in basis for new Smiley Touch orders, and initial shipments have already begun.

Antimicrobial user protection for both the Smiley Touch and the Smiley Terminal

Smiley Touch Screen Protection

New Smiley Touch devices will have an Antimicrobial screen protector film from NANOSHIELD that is scientifically proven to protect against COVID-19.


Solution tested in conformity with ISO 21702


Existing Smiley Touch screens terminals can easily be retrofitted with the film.

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Smiley Terminal Buttons Protection

Since October 2020, new Smiley Terminals have an antimicrobial film coating from HEXIS Graphics’ PUREZONE® to provide preventive protection against bacteria and viruses.


Solution tested in conformity with ISO 21702


Existing terminals can easily be retrofitted with the film.

Hand sanitiser bottle holder for both the Smiley Touch and the Smiley Terminal

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The sanitiser bottle holder fits all plate leg models of both the Smiley Touch and the Smiley Terminal.


Easy to retrofit the holder to existing Smiley devices.

Sanitiser adjustable 1.png
  • Adjustable height from 20 cm (8 inches) up to approximately 30 cm (12 inches) in 25 mm (1 inch) steps

  • Maximum diameter of bottle approximately 13 cm / 5 inches

  • Recommended max bottle weight 5 kg (11 lbs.)

  • Bottle not included.